Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Laughing on the T

I finished off Gatsby a few nights ago and went one night reading Sports Illustrated and the newspaper before I got bored and picked up Big Sur by Jack Kerouac. Now I'm only on page 27 but this book already has me laughing out loud a couple times on the subway so people sitting around me think I'm an idiot and not paying attention so I almost fall when the driver hits the breaks. I focus on a couple shockingly funny lines from my commute home that a teenage boy would laugh at.

So I feed Alf [a mule] the last of my apples which he receives with big faroff teeth inside his soft hairy muzzle, never biting, just muffing up my apple from my outstretched palm, and chomping away sadly, turning to scratch his behind against a tree with a big erotic motion that gets worse and worse till finally he's standing there with erectile dong that would scare the Whore of Babylon let alone me.

A few paragraphs later...

Even when a rancher car goes by I day dream mad ideas like, here comes Farmer Jones and his two daughters and here I am with a 60-foot redwood tree under my arm walking slowly pulling it along, they are amazed and scared, "Are we dreaming? can anybody be that strong?" they even ask me and my big Zen answer is "You only think I'm strong" and I go on down the road carrying my tree––This has me laughing in clover fields for hours––I pass a cow which turns to look at me as it takes a big dreamy crap...

Man I can't get enough of this rambling. I think if I ever get around to writing something up for myself like I've been talking about forever it will be in this Kerouac rambling style the first time until I realize that's Kerouac's style not Simon's style and I try something different the second time. I didn't even know what this book was about until I started reading it. Seems all about getting away to be alone and be pure except Kerouac alludes early that he goes crazy after three weeks. Being alone is never lonely because you're always with yourself, right?


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